LiquefACT training day and Workshop in Pavia (Italy) – October 8th and 9th

A two days (October 8th and 9th) event has been held at the University of Pavia and foundation EUCENTRE to present at the Italian community the main outcomes of the project. During the first day, a training course has been carried out by NORSAR on the Liquefact software toolbox. The course has been attended by about forty people coming from public and private institutions of northern Italy.


Training on LIQUEFACT Software for Liquefaction Mitigation Planning and Decision Support & LIQUEFACT EILD Customised Disaster Resilience Scorecard for Cities


In the second day, the leaders of the different work packages have shown the main activities carried out during the project and reported synthetically on the paramount results. The stimulating discussions have seen active participation of the attendees, highlighting a noticeable interest of the technical community on the risk and resilience issues of seismic liquefaction.

Ground improvement to mitigate liquefaction susceptibility, Prof. A. Flora
Liquefaction risk assessment procedure applied to relevant case studies, prof. G. Modoni
Structural Liquefaction Resilience and Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies, Prof. A. Viana de Fonseca
Zonation of Liquefaction Hazard at Continental and Municipal Scales
Centrifuge modelling of soil-structure interaction in liquefiable ground, Prof. V. Fioravante
A Software to Assess Liquefaction-induced Damage to Critical Infrastructures