Recent events have demonstrated that Earthquake Induced Liquefaction Disasters (EILDs) are responsible for tremendous structural damages causing in some cases half of the economic loss caused by earthquakes. With the causes of liquefaction being substantially acknowledged, it is important to recognize the factors that contribute to its occurrence, to estimate hazards, then to practically implement the most appropriate mitigation strategy considering the susceptibility of the site to liquefaction, the type and size of the structure. The LIQUEFACT project, funded by the EU within the H2020 – DRS 2015 call (Research Innovation Action),  addresses the mitigation of risks to EILD events in European communities with a holistic approach. The project deals not only with the resistance of structures to EILD events, but also with the resilience of the collective urban community in relation to their quick recovery from an occurrence. The LIQUEFACT project sets out to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of EILDs, the applications of the mitigation techniques, and the development of more appropriate techniques tailored to each specific scenario, for both European and worldwide situations.


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