WP2 : European Liquefaction Hazard Map (Macrozonation) and Methodology for Localized Assessment of Liquefaction Potential (Microzonation)


D2.1 Report on ground characterization of the four areas selected as testing sites by using novel techniques and advanced methodologies to perform in situ and laboratory tests [M9]

D2.2 GIS platform including data for liquefaction hazard assessment in Europe [M12, M24, M32].

D2.3 GIS database of the historical liquefaction occurrences in Europe and European empirical correlations to predict the liquefaction occurrence starting from the main seismological information [M24].

D2.4 Report to describe the adopted procedure for the development of the European liquefaction hazard map [M36].

D2.5 Report to illustrate the methodology to perform localised liquefaction analysis within the framework of the European liquefaction hazard map and its application to four case-studies sites [M36].